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American History Collage Explanation Assignment (Coursework Sample)


Please don’t explain the collage as a picture, explain as whole college together about how it effect 1920s


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11 April 2019
Collage Explanation
This is an explanation of what the collage is trying to convert about the 1920s and what were the events or inventions that impacts the world today. In addition, the 1920s was an era when a lot of innovations began and society was becoming more aware of what is needed in the world.
In the 1920s, that was when Hollywood began and they started creating movies for the entertainment of people at that time and the generations to come. According to McKittick, the first in Hollywood was Universal studios which was constructed in 1912, and the original president was Carl Laemmle (2019). It had such a big impact on mass media that it opened a lot of doors for other opportunities. Jazz

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