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Risk Analysis & Design Process: Possible Reasons (Coursework Sample)


A risk analysis, identifying possible reasons why the design many fails the consequences of that failure and a brief plan for retiring that risk in further stages of the design process. And a conclusion for this whole project.






Risk analysis and design process

In the design process, the spring scale is necessary to confirm that the instrument works properly and makes accurate measurements (Schmid, Hamrock and Jacobson 7). There is a need to explore tension in the spring and whether this affects mechanical advantage. One important element of the instrument is that there is a spring, which deforms when force is applied and the load will act on the extension spring that has looped ends and strain affects the deformation of the instrument the design may fail if the instrument does not reduce stress and this is especially when it is rigid and the spring does not handle heavier weights. There is also no protection against overload even as this can occur for the tension scale instruments, yet designs that take into considering the risk of overloads are more efficient and accurate since the shock forces are not transferred to the unwanted places. The system works best when it is not rigid and while keeping the rack and pinion apart improves flexibility, this may result in backlash (Schmid, Hamrock and Jacobson 385). At times, there is a risk of re-tensioning especially when the heavier loads are used where retightening then becomes necessary to improve outcomes.

There are various consequences of the design failing since there is a risk of getting wrong measurements. For the tension spring-actuated mechanisms one of the challenges is to control the initial tension where tension force is used as the spring force will affect the accuracy of the

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