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Violating Nonverbal Communication Norms (Coursework Sample)


Assignment 1: Violating Nonverbal Norms
Engage in some firsthand exploration of what happens when we violate the norms that govern nonverbal behavior.
Choose two nonverbal norms and intentionally violate each of them in two separate situations– intentionally do what would not typically be expected in that particular situation. For instance, using the norms given as examples in part one you could enter an elevator and stare directly at someone or have a face to face conversation with someone without making eye contact. Be sure that your behavior is a clear violation of a norm, not just a situation where the opposite norm might apply. In your assignment you must do the following for each violation:
· Summarize your experience by stating the norm you violated, describing the situation in which you violated the norm and how you specifically did so.
· Describe how you felt while violating the norm and discuss the reaction you observed.
· Discuss the reasons why you think the nonverbal norm exists.
In completing this assignment, be respectful of other people. This assignment offers a chance to do something interesting by engaging in behavior outside the norm and observing reactions to the unexpected. It does not provide justification for doing things that threaten, intimidate, or endanger others.

Nonverbal norms are discussed in the chapter on nonverbal communication.


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Violating Non-Verbal Norms
Just as verbal language is divided into different categories, there are numerous types of nonverbal communication. We must remember that violating nonverbal norms can cause serious problems for us. I'd like to share two of my life's stories with you so that you can learn from my experience and amend your own ways. The first norm I violated was people's personal space. Three months ago, I got a chance to visit my aunt in California. It was a few miles away, so I chose a bus as the primary mode of transportation. When I entered the bus after buying my ticket, I could see that only a couple of seats were empty. I rushed to one of them and sat with a young lady without even asking her if the seat was booked or

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