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Fourth assignment. Truth to Nature. Communications & Media Coursework (Coursework Sample)


• Read: Objectivity, Chap 2. Truth to Nature. pp. 55-105. (not full chapter)
1.Unpack what is meant by “epistemic virtue of ‘truth to nature.’” (150-200 words).
2.Differentiate “characteristic” from “idealized” images in this context. (100-150 words)
Make sure to spell all names correctly. Use citations for any quotations. Always introduce or summarize the quotation with your own words.
5 references within the last 5years


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Truth to Nature
1 Epistemic virtue of ‘truth to nature.’
Epistemic virtues refer to the view that belief is an ethical and moral process susceptible to influence from an individual’s good and bad experiences (Galison 58). The virtue of truth to nature is an alternate epistemic way of living one’s life with a burning desire to find the truth with most difficulty (Daston and Galison 58). It emerged at a critical time where science, which was looked at in the light of truth to nature, looked different from that which was considered in terms of objectivity. 

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