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Fifth Assignment Communications & Media Coursework (Coursework Sample)


• Read: Jonathan Crary, Camera Obscura and Its Subject, Techniques of the Observer. Pp. 25-50.
1.What does Crary mean when he talks about ”decorporealizing vision”? (150 words)
2.How does Crary suggest Jan Vermeer’s paintings use the Camera Obscura as a subject not only a tool? (150 words)
Make sure to spell all names correctly. Use citations for any quotations. Always introduce or summarize the quotation with your own words.


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Fifth Assignment
Question One
‘Decorporealizing vision’ is a term that may be used the way information is taken and broken down into different forms by a person. When Crary uses this phrase, he tries to talk about the images that are taken by photographers. Crary believes that the information that has been captured is stored in mind, and an individual can get to see it visually. However, the information that is seen in photographs must be informed by what one sees through their eyes. That is the reason as to why Crary talks of decorporealizing vision. Crary believes that the mind has first to manufacture what the eyes get to see in a photograph that has been taken for it to interpret the image (Crary 32). However, since the image may not be so cle

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