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Factors That Lead To Relationship Dissolution (Coursework Sample)


This assignment differs somewhat from previous assignments in that you are required to review some parts of the interpersonal communication chapter as a follow up to our discussion in lecture. To effectively complete this assignment, be sure to review these sections in the interpersonal chapter:
• Cody's disengagement strategies
• Duck's model of relational dissolution
• The ‘coming apart' portion of the Knapp model
Once you have read and reviewed each of these sections in the chapter, you are to reflect on the break-up (or significant weakening) of a previous strong relationship by doing the following:

Identifying and briefly discussing the reasons for the weakening and/or dissolution of the relationship.
Using Cody's list of relational disengagement strategies to identify which strategy (or strategies) best describes the communication which occurred as the relationship weakened or dissolved. You should use specific examples to illustrate the strategies you selected to fit the events that occurred during relational dissolution

Choosing either the ‘Coming apart' phase of the Knapp model OR the Duck relational dissolution model and then briefly but specifically attempting to apply each stage of the framework to the events which occurred in the relationship. You should conclude by explaining whether or not you feel the model you chose provides an accurate representation of events.
Important note: Although a romantic relationship is an obvious fit, it is also entirely appropriate to use another type of relationship (friendship, etc.) to complete this assignment.
Relational Dissolution and the frameworks mentioned above are discussed in the Interpersonal Communication chapter in the text.


Relational Dissolution
“Humans are social creatures” is a common phrase that most physiologists use to explain the emotional behaviors and orientations that exists between the humans. According to Rhoades, Scott, and Howard (543), humans conduct themselves in a way that their movements and interactions are determined by how other people that are within their social circle are behaving. These movements and interactions by people form personal or social relationships between them when watered with the right deliberate emotional attraction. These relational interactions and relationships take the time that depends on the willingness of both of the parties involved and the similarities that exist in their emotional topography. When there is no mutual benefit and understanding between the two people in the relationship due to either betrayal or rejection, a breakup is inevitable. A breakup can be both an agreement on neutral grounds or a grieving one. This paper will focus on the strategies, processes, and models of the relational breakup between friends and the factors that lead to relationship dissolution.
Kim and Morgan are both my friends who used to be best friends and could do all sort of fun activities that best friends can do. Each of them always knew the whereabouts of the other at any moment since the only moment they were not physically together, they were either calling for video calling each other. They developed a strong bond of friendship that had a mutual understanding and an excellent example for other people to emulate. They were both academically good in school and this enabled both them to join the school football team. However, their friendship only lasted for 3 years and gradually they both never considered the other as a friend.
Several factors lead to the

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