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Evaluating Health Campaigns: Tobacco Free Florida (Coursework Sample)


As discussed in our course unit, one of the primary applications of health communication has been conducting public campaigns about health issues. Such efforts are often conducted, at least in part, via mass media platform. In this assignment, I'd like you to break down and analyze a mass media message from a public health communication campaign by doing the following:

  • Provide a description of a message from a public health campaign that you have been exposed to. You should provide a link to your chosen message (e.g. YouTube clip) if possible. It is not possible to provide a link, explain why and be sure to offer plenty of detail in your description. (Note: This message should be from a public health campaign, please do not use an advertisement for a drug or other health product)
  • Identify what you believe to be the goal of the message and discuss the strategy or strategies employed to get individuals to comply with the message recommendations.
  • Identify the group or groups you believe to be the target of the message.
  • Discuss whether or not you believe this message and strategy are effective, explaining why or why not.
  • Finally, offer some suggestions on how this message might potentially be improved. Note that even if you believe the message to be effective as is, you should still provide some alternatives that you believe might also be effective.

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Evaluating Health Campaigns
Tobacco Free Florida is a brand that was created by Florida's department of health and started its campaigns to prevent the use of tobacco by creating awareness on the dangers of tobacco use to the people of Florida. Basically, the brand discourages people from smoking by applying different techniques through their regular youtube videos that feature people who are either primary or secondary smokers. The message they have been sending this month through their youtube channel is that there are different reasons why smokers should quit smoking. The message, of the campaign targets individuals who are smokers and are trying to quit smoking for various reasons. The campaign uses the real-life experience of people who have been smoking, whether young or

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