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Journal 7 Sell The Value How To Improve Value Statement (Coursework Sample)


Have to write a one page journal on each of the videos so 5 pages in total for all of them.
No external sources required.


Journal Writing
Journal 6
Sell me this pen
Sell Me This Pen is a video that aims at helping a salespeople answer a sales question in an interview. When called for an interview, the salesperson may be asked to sell a pen which aims at showing the interviewee’s sales skills. The first step is to know about your customers. Before making any sale, you should be concerned about the need of the customers. Ask your customers why they need it and why is the pen important to them. You should also ask them whether they are satisfied with the current pen they are is using. With this information, the salesperson can analyze the customer’s needs. This is a great way of developing a genuine relationship with your customers by clearly understanding their needs. This is also a test on your communication skills. A great salesperson should be a good communicator to be able to convince their customers.
After understanding your customer's need, the presenter advices the salesperson to talk about the pen in general. The salesperson should talk about the features and benefits of the pen. The best feature to give about the pen is that it is cheap despite having many other features. This feature will help in saving the company’s money by not spending much on throw away expensive pens. The presenter also encourages the salesperson to research the features and benefits of their products. By researching, they gain more features and benefits that will be more convincing to their customer.
Journal 7
Sell the value
How to improve value statement
Value refers to the worth that a product or something is held to deserve. In value selling, customer purchases your product because they anticipate enjoying its value that another product or service would have not provided. Customers aim at buying the results that the products will give to them and not the products. Some of the ways to improve on your value may consist of value clarification which involves determining the values that you admire and wish to practice. Clarify the value that your product will offer to your customers. You can also improve on your value statement by teaching your customers on the benefits they will get from your products and other things that your product can do to enable them to solve their problems and achieve their goals.
Applications of value selling
Customers Satisfaction: value selling ensures that a customer’s problem has been solved. It also ensures that your customer’s goal has been achieved.
Customer attraction: value for money will attract more customers. This helps you analyze the type of customers that are interested in your product, and how much they are willing to spend to have their problems solved. This information will help you in selling products which are customer satisfying.
Resume Building: Most companies are after the value that a person adds to their organization. Showing in your resume that you can help the company achieve its values will be one of the reasons you can get hired.
Focusing on the value of problem-solving: when out there trying to sell yourself in the career world, it is important to show your employers how much interested you are in seeing their companies succeed. Convince them that you po

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