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Segment screening (Coursework Sample)

Put your answer to the question assigned to you below in the Discussion Conference in the Discussion section of the course. When answering the question, state the question number and the page number of the question you are answering. Answer the question, add additional information about the subject, and provide example(s) to get 5 points. Read the example answers in Announcements on our course page. Properly cite your sources. Note: Do NOT cite Wikipedia. (#9, pg.443) Consider the market segment screening method. Take a lifestyle segment-say, people who like do-it-yourself home decorating. How would the segment screening method suggest that you go about identifying potential foreign markets? Book- International business-THe challenge of Global Competition, 12th ed, Donald ball, etc.. just state the question in the beginning of the paragraph then start the paper please use 2 references and state them throughout the paper, properly cite them source..
Segment screening
Segment screening uses market segments as the basis of market selection. The method identifies common needs across people of different nationalities. The do it yourself home decorating services should be screened on the basis of the customer needs and desirers and also on the customers lifestyles. Customers could be residing in different countries but they have common desirers and needs such as a desire for do it yourself home decorations. Potential foreign markets can be identified by screening the market using segments. The criteria for choosing the segments include; the segments should be definable so that it is easy to identify them and measure them on the success and failure of the do it yourself home decorating services (Donald 2002). The segments should also be large enough so that they can be wort...
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