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Housekeeping: A Schedule From The 7-Day Forecast (Coursework Sample)


You are the Assistant Housekeeper who has been asked by the Executive Housekeeper to make a schedule from the 7-day forecast (see attached) for next week, cost out the labor for the week as well as answer the questions below.

Some pertinent information for you to use is as follows:

It takes a housekeeper 27 minutes to clean a 3 minutes to prepare for the next room.
A work day shift is 9 hours; 30-minute lunch with two 15 minute breaks per shift-bath lunch and breaks non-paid for both housekeepers and inspectors.
Inspectors are scheduled based on inspecting 75 rooms per shift.
Use the previous night's occupancy to determine the number of housekeepers and inspectors you will need.

Calculations for you to answer:

1. How many housekeepers will you need each day?

2. How many inspectors will you need each day?

3. What is the daily total hours and labor cost based on paid hours for both housekeepers and Inspectors? What are the weekly totals for each?

4. How many rooms are occupied each evening?







I would assign all rooms, where keeping records help in narrowing the search for the rooms that are unassigned. I would consider the rooms being assigned to manage the workload while balancing the allotted capacity and then assigning the attendant. I would not assign the same rooms to the housekeepers to clean, because the guests have different schedules and if housekeepers only clean certain rooms, there may be others that are left unclean.

If the inn is understaffed with both housekeepers and inspectors, I would allocate the most important cleaning duties and inform all the personnel that they would work extra hours. If there is still a problem performing all the housekeeping duties, I would outsource cleaning services targeting the housekeepers’ duties. This is necessary to avoid backlogs and unattended rooms. Allocating extra working hours to the inspectors is necessary as their knowledge and experience affects how housekeeping is carried out.

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