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Describe At Least Two Elements Of Bellevue Strategy That Contributes To Its Success (Coursework Sample)


Please read the instruction and finish it on time. I have to turn it in by tomorrow morning.

Bellevue Square
What metrics show that the Bellevue mall is successful?
It is so apparent that the Bellevue mall is one of the finest and optimal malls. The mall is quite successful despite the fact that multiple individuals have the propensity to shop online. Some of the metrics that explicitly show that the mall is successful is the high number of retailers who line up to pay $100 a square foot for a store space (Moore). The amount of money being charged is high but that does not discourage a substantial number of retailers from paying it. The retailers perfectly understand that having a store in such a successful and pristine mall can make them successful in a night. To that end, they clearly divulge that they willing to shell out any amount of money just to own some space in it. The fact that the Freeman is about to a launch a multibillion expansion also clearly show that the mall is successful. Such an expansion can only be implemented by a business that is doing well.
Describe at least two elements of Bellevue strategy that contributes to its success.
Owners of businesses adopt various strategies so that the overall goal of a business can be actualized. Bellevue mall has adopted various strategies that have been quite successful in propelling the business to greater heights. The strategies possess various elements that have greatly contributed to the success of the mall. For instance, we can say that the strategies have a deceiving element. When Freeman who is the owner of the mall decides to make the mall an appealing place to visit by offering free parking and making sure that stores have helpful employees, then it becomes automatic that the strategy will be successful to cheat potential customers to buy from the mall in an ethical manner
The strategies also include a novel aspect in them. We realize that in numerous businesses the people who are responsible for customer relations and marketing include the lower level employees. Nonetheless, this is not the case in Bellevue Square because MR Freeman who is in the top-level management engages with customers so that he can clearly understand their needs and preferences (Moore). The novel aspect of the strategy contributes to the success of the mall because it makes the mall stand out from the rest of the malls. The mall becomes differentiated and unique and hence it gains a competitive edge.
Kemper Freeman mentions a few examples of online retailers who have bricks and mortar stores in Bellevue mall. Explain why such retailers would such a thing.
Every retailer wants to have to have a retail store in a place where potential customers frequently visit. Bellevue Square is a renowned mall and potential customers know that the employees managing the different stores are customer focused and their primary focus is customer satisfaction (Moore). They know that the salesclerks are helpful and have...
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