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The Influence Of America And Other Countries On Interest Rates (Coursework Sample)


1. My topic is “The Influence of U.S. Inflation”
2, Focus on the influence of American and other countries' interest rates, bonds and stocks market price. Then the influence toward currencies. Also the impact to some industries and people's daily life.
3, Use at least 6 articles from Wall Street Journal
4, Paper must be closely related to the Fisher Effect


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The Influence of U.S. Inflation
The word inflation is meant to describe the sudden increase in the price of goods, products, and services in a given period. Due to the rise in the level of prices of goods and services, the currency is only able to sustain the buying of fewer goods and products and the power to purchase goods also falls. Inflation comes between the smooth running of events hence the government and banks work in ways that will reduce inflation and counter deflation. Inflation is highly related to the supply of funds and money economically. This document tries to explain the roles played by different countries on interest rates and inflation.
Influence of America and other countries on Interest rates
According to fisher effect, the U.S Federal Reserve has been keeping the standards of interests almost close to zero for many years, until when it finally took the step of increasing the interest rates, which has marked the sudden end of the experienced low-interest rates. Raising the interest rates has had various effects on the economy, for example, it has led to an increment in the payment of mortgage interest, increased currency value, firms and consumers are affected through reduction of business confidence, and increased government debt followed by an increase in the payment of benefits. According to fisher effect, a business editor, rising U.S interest rates could mean higher debt payments for emerging market governments and business, as the amount owed is denominated in dollars. According to fisher effect, the U.S. Federal reserve acted by raising its interest rate by a quarter percentage point.
Influence on Stock market price
According to fisher effect, the international markets have raised effects on the U.S. market, for example, investors have invested their money in the Asian nation, considering that China happens to be the second world's largest economy. During the years, China's shares have dropped, and so did those of its major markets including the U.S.A., mainly because most of its companies (U.S.A) depend on Chinese business.
According to fisher effect, throughout last year, investors have been worried about a menace that could upset markets. For some investors, the worry had been caused since the global central banks engaged in monetary policy. Lack of inflation-related worries led to a higher number of investors during the previous year where markets recorded significant gains, yet the investors were observed to be stress-free about the U.S. and long-term yields were maintained. Together with favourable growth in Europe, the greenback was deteriorated throughout which supported the rise of markets and economic growth. The recent fierce market swipes started with an ostensible spontaneous in U.S. wage growth. Concerns about its tax and expenditure policy, unfastened monetary policy haven't decreased with the growth of the market.
Influence of Inflation on bonds
In accordance to fisher effect, bonds control the interest rates, and it is through this that upset the economy of U.S. It determines the difficulty or the easiness of purchasing things on acclaim, which is required for expansion of business among others. Treasury bonds provide additional disbursements money for the government and individuals as well, therefore affecting the economy. Treasury bonds are loans that are given to the government that is acquired by the ordinary citizens. Investing in relationships can be surprising due to a sudden fl

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