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Identify a decision-making problem Management Coursework Paper (Coursework Sample)


You should produce a report no more than 3,000 words ± 10% (excluding reference list and any other appendices). In-text citations will be counted towards the word limit. All references should follow the Harvard referencing system


Culture and Communication
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Improving Group Decision Making in a Multi-Cultural Environment
It is undeniable the extent to which the contemporary marketplace has changed. Globalization, in particular, has facilitated several changes in businesses compelling firms to be proactive. Change is the only constant in the business world and failure to be proactive could result in market exit for the firm. A demographically diverse workforce is an excellent example of the consequences of globalization. An inclusive and diverse workforce is likely to drive performance and productivity higher. Multicultural teams are essential in the launch of new products and business processes in the market (Vohra et al. 2015). The predispositions influence global corporations exploiting diversity to innovate and eventually, provide the firm with a competitive advantage. According to the European Union (2016), workforce diversity is fundamental to advanced economic and social performance, compliance with the law, and better adaptation to demographic and organizational changes. Nevertheless, the rise of multicultural teams have affected certain organization aspects and this factor is more apparent in the lack of an effective decision making process as well as the outcomes.
Members in multicultural teams elicit a varied dimension of thinking considering that each individual has a different upbringing. Such individuals value different management styles as well as methods of communication. There are those that value direct communication over indirectness and vice versa. Some will approve a collective approach in working while others are better suited for individualist methods. Different cultures extrapolate diverse roles of autonomy in tasks. Moreover, there are different expectations based on the task. In this regard, the leader has a significant role to play in creating unity in the team and more importantly, creating clarity in the direction needed. In the worst extremes, training is advocated. Complementary strategies such as effective communication techniques and embracing others’ culture are equally important.

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