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Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants Coursework Paper


Materials for Coursework
• Bennett, S., Maton, K. and Kervin, L. (2008) ‘The ‘digital natives' debate: a critical review of the evidence', British Journal of Educational Technology, 39(5), pp.775-786.
• Helsper, E.J., and Eynon, R. (2010) ‘Digital natives: where is the evidence?', British Educational Research Journal, 36(3), pp.503-520.
• Kennedy, G., Judd, T., Dalgarnot, B., and Waycott, J. (2010) ‘Beyond natives and immigrants: exploring types of net generation students', Journal of Computing Assisted Learning, 26, 332-343.
• Palfrey, J.G., and Gasser, U. (2008) Born digital: understanding the first generation of digital natives. New York: Basic Books.


Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants
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Digital Natives versus Digital Immigrants
The term digital native was coined by Mark Prensky in year 2001. He used this idiom in his effort to describe the modern generation of people growing up in the digital era. He further explained that Digital natives are relatively at ease with technology as well as computers than their predecessors at contrastingly early age (Palfrey and Gasser, 2013). This modern era generation highly regards technology as a very important and necessary part of their lives. Children and general teenage generation is generally associated with digital progress and they are therefore considered to be the digital natives because they majorly use computers, texting as well as well as SNS to communicate. If you lag behind, they you are referred to as a digital immigrant and you need to learn the language in order to catch up with the rest of the generation. This paper will discuss the types and aspects of digital natives, challenges facing teachers in teaching modern era generation, benefits and solutions to the challenges of digital native.
The Existence, Aspects and Impacts of Digital Natives for Teaching and Learning
Digital natives received computers and other digital devices in early 90’s and they were more familiar with the technology compared to their counterparts, that is, the immigrants. ...
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