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The Investigative Essay (Coursework Sample)


Assessment due for discussion: Draft of your essay structure including; the major theoretical themes you will be writing to, and bullet points outlining the evidence-based points that you intend to make in your essay under each theme. Minimum of 2 pages, max of 3 pages.

Draft of Essay Structure
Course title:
The essay on consumer behavior focuses on the peculiar behavior of consumers. The discussion also looks at some of the factors that influence consumer behavior and how the constant change in consumer behavior affects businesses. Some of the main issues articulated in the essay include the different patterns of behavior change among consumers. It is necessary that business owners understand the different patterns of behavior among their customers in order to adjust accordingly. The essay also talks directly to business people to help eliminate the myth that a customer is dependent on the business. It is the businesses that need the customer in order to attain the projected goals. It is not in the interest of any businesses when customers shift and go to another business.
Technology has also been seen to play an integral role in influencing customer behavior. It even becomes more complex due to the dynamic nature of technology. This means that customer behavior gains just as much dynamism as technology is.
There are various theoretical themes upon which the essay is structured. The theories include real time theory which reduces the wait period, the no-delay theory which emphasizes on promptness on delivery of goods and services and reasoned action theory.
The principle of affordability also comes into play. Sometimes, goods and or services do not necessarily have to be affordable. They just need to be affordable comparatively. This theory teaches business owners to have an aspect that seeks to make customers see as though their products are affordable even if they are not. For example, selling a product less a few coins make it seemingly more affordable while in ...
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