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Professional development planning Business & Marketing Coursework (Coursework Sample)


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REFER TASK: Assignment: 1500 words (including references, citations, tables, charts, heading) An additional 300 words is available for appendices if required Background scenario As a newly appointed graduate employee of a global business, the senior management team (SMT) have asked you to propose research methods to evaluate the levels of staff morale, commitment and motivation in the business after a number of key employees recently left the organisation. At this stage, you are not expected to carry out the research, just provide a detailed proposal. The SMT appreciate that staff members might be reluctant to be honest and open, you should take this into account. Key elements of the proposal should include the recommendation and justification of: • suitable primary research methods • sampling methods • data analysis and achievable time frames As this is highly sensitive information, you should consider issues relating to confidentiality and privacy. The use of tables and charts is acceptable, but appendices should be limited to no more than 300 words


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Professional Development Planning
The professional document plan has become an essential component of any business or organization. The skill development of employees, overall organizational goals and required skill set is documented in a paper. The professional development plan starts as soon as the new employee joins the organization. The company's management assigns the responsibilities of developing a plan for the newly appointed graduate employee (Hammond and Churchill, 2018). The employee who has been designated the responsibility of professional development planning reports to the senior management team of the organization needs to coordinate with all the stakeholders. The assessment of employee's motivation, commitment and morale level is essential as numerous employees have left their jobs recently (Gary, 2017). The formation of a detailed proposal can help the organization's management in retaining the best talent and enhancing the motivation level of employees. The professional development plan is essential in providing support to the employees in the development of their attitudes, skills, professional knowledge and values.
Research Questions
The research focuses on acquiring the feedback of employees related to professional development. Furthermore, the emphasis is on proposing a professional development plan for employees based on their opinions. Following are the research questions:
1 What is the response of staff members related to professional development?
2 What is the response of the organization's senior management related to professional development?

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