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Group Case Study: US Oncology (USON) (Coursework Sample)


Because it is team work, the first link is a link to the group work.
I only need to answer question No. 3 2 pages
1. What kind of innovation is USON-a consumer-facing, integrator, or technology innovation? 14
2. Evaluate McKesson’s alignment with the Six Factors of structure, financing, technology, public policy, accountability, and consumers.
3. Evaluate McKesson’s plans to offer support to primary care physicians, gastroenterologists, orthopedic surgeons, and/or rheumatologists. Which, if any, of these, should the firm target and what services should it offer?
4. If needed, recommend the changes needed in McKesson’s organizational structure and product/service offerings so it can most readily succeed in these new markets.


Group Case Study
Due Date
US Oncology (USON)
USON, before its acquisition by McKesson, served to provide quality oncology care in community set-ups by increasing the local patients’ accessibility to advanced technology in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Achieving the said objective demanded a collective approach involving both the community and USON’s advanced technological innovations in the treatment of cancer patients at relatively affordable pricesCITATION Her14 \l 1033 (Herzlinger, 2014). Thus, USON’s portfolio included the distribution of specialty drugs and forming strategic partnerships with other independent firms providing oncology servicesCITATION Her14 \l 1033 (Herzlinger, 2014). In essence, the firm served to enhance the delivery of quality care to patients at affordable prices, improving efficiency through advanced technology, and forming strategic alliances for overall improvement in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients. Hence, it is evident that USON is a multi-dimensional innovation characterized by the integration of customer relationship management initiatives through innovations in advanced technology to address the emerging consumer demands in oncology.
McKesson’s Alignment of Structure, Financing, Technology, Public Policy, Accountability, and Consumers
The structural organization, its approach to financing daily operational activities, and the use of technology play a significant role in the sustainable growth and development of a business organization. The public policy, accountability, and consumer relationship management are equally integral to the achievement of the said objective. An evaluation of the outlined factors provides a platform for understanding the key elements upon which the McKesson carries out its daily operations.
* Structure
McKesson’s organizational structure follows a top-down management system where the executive makes the important decision about the firm’s growth and oversees the implementation of set policies or standards. Upon his appointment as the CEO, for instance, John Hammergren introduced the ICARE initiative to restore the organization’s reputation among the customersCITATION Her14 \l 1033 (Herzlinger, 2014). The initiative passed through the executive board of the firm after whose approval followed the recommendation for its incorporation at all levels of the organization. The hierarchical organization structure enhances the decision-making project as it takes less time to implement new ideas with each business unit carrying out the implementation process through their unit leaders. The business units further exercise some autonomy in business development processes in line the approved strategic approach developed at the executive level of managementCITATION Her14 \l 1033 (Herzlinger, 2014). In essence, the executive provides a framework upon which the lower levels of management implement their ideas of business development.
* Financing
McKesson’s finances its operations through the revenue gained from its wide range of acquisitions and strategic alliances with other independent practices providing an equally diverse health care service. According to McKesson’s head of care management strategy, Ricardo Guggenheim, acquisitions function as the organizatio

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