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Idealized Image: The Effects Of Active Social Media (Coursework Sample)


Thesis concept: Idealized Image ( the theory from the book "Our Inner Conflict" by Karen Horney). It is the creation of an image of what the person believes himself to be, or of what at the time he feels he can or ought to be. It is a false picture of personality and always in larger degree removed from reality. It means to arrogate to ourself qualities that one does not have, or that one has potentially but not factually.
Please collect 3 strong examples, of your thesis concept being featured, or articles related to your thesis in current media (no older than one year from today). Archive your 3 examples as follows: note the title, the source, the date it came out, the author and quote 3 lines that speak to your concept/research the most. Write down why it is relevant to your research. The sources can be online but it has to have substantial readership (not your cousin’s facebook post). Combine in a pdf with the full article links included.
For some tackling social issues it will probably not be hard to find articles that relate to their topics and speak to it in a manner that they can associate with. For someone with a more personal story it might be a little harder to find an angle, so you have to get creative. Looking at your research through the lens of a current topic might shed new light on how you would like to approach you research and how it can relate to an audience.


Idealized Image
Professor’s Name
CourseDue Date
Idealized Image
Article 1
Hogue, Jacqueline., & Mills, Jennifer. 2019. The Effects of Active Social Media Engagement with Peers on Body Image in Young Women. Body Image, Vol. 28, pp. 1-5.
1 In upward social comparisons, people compare themselves to superior individuals.
2 Among women, making upward appearance comparisons is moderately related to negative body image.
3 On social media, young adult women most frequently make upward appearance comparisons to peers and rarely compare their appearance to family.
This article is relevant to my research because it is debunking the truth about social media engagement among young women and its effect on their body image. From the article, one gathers that young women have an idealized image of who and how they are supposed to look. So, the majority take time and push themselves to extraordinary levels in the hope of eventually attaining such body appearances.
Article 2
Morin, Amy. 2019. How to Prevent the Media from Damaging your Teen’s Body Image. VeryWell Family.
1 It’s likely that during those nine hours of media consumpt

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