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W3: Partisan Politics Debate History Coursework Paper (Coursework Sample)


The guiding questions assist you in focusing on what you are reading in the text, viewing / reading in the lecturettes, or watching in videos. The guiding questions relate to the weekly content objectives.
1. Revisit the transition from Truman to Eisenhower, and the fact that despite Truman's low approval rating (23%) upon leaving the White House, most historians rank him as a "near great president". Reflect on this assessment in regards to foreign and domestic events.
2. Analyze the developments from 1945 to 1950 that increased suspicion and tension leading to the Red Scare rise of McCarthyism.
3. Analyze the origins, developments, and results of the Korean War.
4. To what extent did the Eisenhower administration address the Cold War?
Argue in Favor of the GOP (Republican Party).
Your submission should be more thorough than your previous Discussions. Try not to make assumptions. Instead, assume the historical role of someone who lived in the United States in the period up to, and including, the 1950s/1960s. You could be a Cold War warrior, segregationist, member of the Civil Rights movement, progressive or conservative. Your assignment is to pick ONE national election: 1948,1952, 1956 or 1960 and discuss "your guy; "his platform" and why you embrace that political party. Finally, make sure that you stress how your political party embodies the spirit of previous eras or how it is considerably different.


American Politics.
DATE \@ "MMMM d, yyyy" December 17, 2020
1.Revisit the transition from Truman to Eisenhower and the fact that despite Truman's low approval rating (23%) upon leaving the White House, most historians rank him as a "near-great president." Reflect on this assessment in regards to foreign and domestic events.
 Raised in Kansas, David Eisenhower was the thirty-fourth president of the united states and one of America's great republican leaders. He was the true embodiment of what the republican party stands for. During his tenure as president, one of his aims was to control communism and isolation foreign policies, and reduce federal deficits. In his tenure, there was the invasion of North Africa through the invasion of the Suez Canal by the British, Israel, and France, which he condemned and forced them to return. Eisenhower used the threat of nuclear war with China, which forced China to agree to an armistice that ended the Korean war. The armistice is still in place to date. The 34th president created a national security policy called the new look,

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