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The Standard Way People Think of the Civil Movement (Coursework Sample)


1. Your goal with these papers is to 1) demonstrate that you read the material and 2)
demonstrate that you have thought about the key ideas and themes in a meaningful manner. In every paper, you should use at least 2 quotes from the reading and use them to further your point/argument. The key to a great paper will be your ability to analyze. Lastly, I truly want to hear your honest opinion. However, save that part for your LAST paragraph of the paper.
Your opinion should NEVER make up the majority of the paper. Save it for one, single paragraph at the end. You will fail the assignment if you do not follow instructions.
2. In this piece answer the following question: In what ways do this week's readings want us to rethink the Civil Rights Movement? For both readings -- tell me what is the standard way to think about the Civil Rights Movement and tell me what are the new ways they suggest we think about the movement. And tell me why it matters.


Civil Rights Movement
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The Standard Way People Think of the Civil Movement
As the readings suggest, it is apparent that people have been programmed to view the civil rights movement as the main cause of violence in the United States. Civil rights movement is thought to cause unrest in the country, and the main participants are African-Americans. The Southern region is cited as a place where most civil rights movements originated. “Because racism is southernized in popular versions of American history and political discourse, the main battle is believed to be in the South” This quote indicates that there a notion that civil rights movement originated from the south because the region is predominately occupied by Black Americans. Various Black American activists such as Martin Ruther King Jr. participated in civil rights movements seeking equal treatment of African Americans as their White counterparts and most were from the southern region of the country. The personnel sought equality in education, voting, and wages, among other things. Thus, due to the participation of Black Americans in the civil rights movement, people are made to believe that it acted as a catalyst for the riots. People are also made to believe that the civil rights movement was unnecessary because people of color are the orchestrators of their fate to their culture and social status. “… these formulations naturalize the Northern racial order as not a racial system like the South’s but one operating on class and culture with racial discrimination as a byproduct”. Thus, culture and social status are cited as the main reasons why people of color are poor, illiterate, cannot access better health care and are often incarcerated and civil rights movements were used as the tool to conceal African Ameri

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