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Museum Response: Attendance To The Exhibitions Is On Your Own (Coursework Sample)


The Museum Response assignment is regarding the exhibitions currently at the Museum at FIT, which are The Body: Fashion and Physique and Norell: Dean of American Fashion.
Below are the details for the assignment.
Attendance to the exhibitions is on your own
Three pages double spaced, not including any images (if you choose to include images)
Should consist of an objective description of the exhibitions and your critique and analysis of their content and context (exhibition design). Also provide connections to the course (readings, textbooks, in class discussions, etc.)
You can choose to primarily focus on one exhibition over the other in your paper, as long as you still mention aspects of both at some point


Museum Response – Norell's Exhibit
Your Name
Your Subject and Section
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February 26, 2018
“Dress has been the Frontier between the Self and the not-self”[Wilson, Elizabeth. 2003. Adorned in dreams: Fashion and modernity. IB Tauris.]
Perhaps one aspect of our lives that is as old as human civilization itself is fashion. Throughout the centuries, if not millennia, humans have always sought out to be “inside the trend”, both consciously and subconsciously. However, fashion is more than simply the definition of what is most dominant trend per era, but the exemplification of that time itself. It shows how humans beings as a social organism change from time to time and leave an imprint of that times through a trail of couture. Perhaps, this knowledge that dress and other materials were once owned by a human being that lived from another time is the reason why we feel what Wilson describes as “uneasiness and ambiguity”. Nevertheless, instead of fearing them and expressing a doubt against them, I believe that we must instead use these artifacts to conjure what the past could have looked like, and establish a roadmap of a fluid culture that is represented by these pieces of the past.[Ibid. p.2]
Due to my desire of wanting to understand culture through the “trail of couture”, I analyzed an exhibit at The Museum at Fit in New York City. Amongst the most interesting pieces that I found there was the exhibit on “Norell: Dean of American Fashion”, which is presented fro

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