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History Of Fashion: Contexts In A Family Photo (Coursework Sample)


Course Name: History of Fashion
Paper Requirement: Using a family photo, write about the context of the fashion in the photo. Who is in the photo, where are they, how old are they, what is the social and cultural context? Etc.
Photo Details: Two aunts 10 years old and 22 years old, around 1980s


History Fashion
History Fashion
In this photo, there are two aunts. On the left is she is 10 years and the slightly taller one is 22 years old. They are both dressed warmly and they have posed in front of a wall that describes the site. From the length of the shadows its seems it is in the afternoon and the weather is chilly. Each of them they have adopted very different poses in front of the camera. The younger aunt has buttoned up her trench coat and pocketed probably due to the weather. She is also covering her head in probably a hat. The hat is to probably to protect herself from the chilly weather. In the photo, the older aunt decided to look ‘cool' by striking a different pose. Glamorous poses are designed to make the subject look as appealing and attractive as possible. She unbuttoned her trench coat to reveal he shirt and leaned on the younger aunt. She has not covered her head and maybe it was to ensure her hair style was captured in the photo. She has a scarf which she could probably use in case she needed to cover her head but she has loosely put it around her shoulders. In the photo, the older aunt appears to slightly be turning to the right to show her hand bag on the left. In the photo it is apparent that she posed to flaunt her fashion while the younger aunt maintained an upright posture and shielded herself from the cold instead of flaunting her fashion.
Tis picture was taken in the 1980s and the two

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