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Historical Videos: Back To The First Century AD (Coursework Sample)


Please watch these 6 videos on Youtube and give me a synopsis of elements involves in the processing of fiber and some of the historic style and nature of hand knitting.
Note: Please write in essay format.


Historical videos
Date due
The process of fiber begins by sheering, which is a process of cleaning the wool to remove fleas that hide within it. Sorting and washing occasion to remove any dirt matter, and vegetable materials logged on it, and for a few days, the wool is soaked in water and then dried in the wind. The dry wool then undergoes the process of teasing by utilizing different types of combs to remove dirt, the short and breakable fiber and to ensure it remains fat. The carding process of trapping air within the wool then occurs by use of various combs with bristles that facilitate its arrangement in multiple patterns. Wool harvesters then process the wool by utilizing different spinning machines, making it look like yarn. A plying machine then plies the yarn together systematically, to enable easier cleaning and attain a shape. It is then dried and readied for knitting. After the process of knitting that encompasses applying of different patterns is complete, the sweater is soaked and blocked with water as a way of evening it out and shaping it into a final product.
The history of hand knitting traces its origin back to the first century AD, whereby inhabitants of the Aran Islands, surrounding islands, and Egypt adopted this process of making clothes through motivation derived from natural surroundings such as stones and jewelry within their habitats. The practice of knitting begun with the creation of stitches on a needle, and subsequent creation of multiple loops of yarns in different shapes and designs to make successive rows that inte...
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