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Coursework Assignment: Dior and I Film Viewing Questions (Coursework Sample)


Please watch the film "Dior and I" and then answer the questions in sufficient detail (at least 3 sentences per question).


Dior and I
Dior and I – Viewing Questions
* The movie opens with this excerpt from Christian Dior's biography: ““He is the designer, Christian Dior of the house of Christian Dior, born in 1947. He is a thousand workers, dresses, photographs in the press, and occasionally, a small revolution, a bloodless revolution. I myself was born in Granville, on January 21, 1905. I like intimate gatherings with trusted friends. I hate noise, worldly agitation, and any change that happens too suddenly.” Why do you think he makes this split distinction?
Tis split is brought about to help separate the work of the man from himself. It is way of splitting the brilliance that Dior was able to bring to the fashion industry and himself. He is a brand in himself, an icon in the fashion industry, who lives on even beyond the grave. His works were some of the most influential in the fashion industry. In the last part of the excerpt, this is a narration of the character of Dior as a person and as a personal brand. It is separate from the thousands of workers and the press, photographs, dresses and the revolution. The first part is referring to the business empire that Dior has built through his brilliance (Bnview 2016).
* How does language function in the film? When does the action occur in French and when in English – why is this significant?
In some of the instances in the film, there are changes in the language that the cast uses. This basically between French and English. Ideally this is supposed to bring subtle meaning to the ideals of the film and the culture that it is trying to uphold. At the time when Raf is introduced to the team, He starts of in French and ten later on switches up to English. This is quite significant relative to the fact that, it brings about understanding and appreciation of the two cultures (Bnview 2016).
* What are some of the binary oppositions discussed in the film? For example, there is a binary distinction made between minimalism and embellishment. Why do you think the filmmakers frame things in terms of binary oppositions such as these?
This is a common approach in films as directors try to appeal to the fundamental organization of the human philosophy.
* What are some differences between the portions of the film that focus on Christian Dior, those that focus on Raf Simons, and those that focus on the workers? What are some similarities?
There some interesting d

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