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What are My Writing Strengths (Coursework Sample)


This is chapter 8 and 9 that I had done earlier but I missed these questions that I now have to answer. Please answer all questions from the readings

Chapter 8 and 9
Thoughts to Ponder Chapter 8
1. What are my writing strengths? What areas can I work on now?
I have discovered that I am really good at expressing what I feel through writing, as well as recording what others say. Some areas I work on now is note-taking because I still find it difficult to balance between listening and showing empathy to the patient's concern while at the same time recording what they have to say. Also, I feel I need to learn to extract the most important parts that I need to take note of so I don't end up with pages upon pages of scribbles.
2. How do I feel about process recordings? How can I make it easier for myself to remember the conversation I will use in a process recording?
Truth be told, I find it difficult to do process recordings. If I could avoid it, then I would rather not do it. However, I realize that it is important to do this diligently and so I explore various ways to remember the conversation I will use in process recordings. One way is I ask my client if I could take notes during the conversation. Two other solutions I have yet to explore includes using a voice recorder (with permission of the patient, of course), and learning short hand so I can make quick notes.
3. What do I understand about plagiarism and how can I avoid it?
Plagiarism is using someone else's work without giving credit for it. In a sense, it is the stealin of someone else's ideas and passing it off as one's own. The easiest way to prevent plagiarism is to cite the resources one uses in any document one has to submit. By citing resources, one can also give credibility to one's work because you are essentially saying, "my findings have been observed by another researcher or social worker".
Thoughts to Ponder - Chapter 9
1. Do you need more indepth information? What additional information would you need?
The information found on the book are enough as ...
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