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Week 4: Food & Gender, Ethnicity, & SES Social Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Select one of the following questions.
Option 1: Gender roles include tasks and identities related to food. What are the most common food-related tasks considered masculine in US culture? What are the most common food related tasks considered feminine in US culture? Which tasks are the prestige tasks and which are the routine, thankless tasks?
Option 2: Consider traditional southern Black foods and American Indian foods. Some activists want these race/cultural groups to continue eating fry bread and other unhealthy foods as a form of cultural solidarity and loyalty. For other activists, health is more important than cultural continuity. What logic and evidence can you summon to help the health-conscious to make cultural shifts around food more emotionally palatable to the "solidarity and loyalty" crowd?
Option 3: Feminists have pointed out that one of the unpaid female gender roles is that of family nutritionist. What does this role consist of? What power dynamics are at play in this family role? How does this role become thankless? How does this role contribute to the different longevity and health status metrics of partnered vs. unpartnered men?


Food Related Tasks Based on Gender Roles
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Food Related Tasks Based on Gender Roles
Gender theory is the scientific study of the feminine or masculine characteristics in a society, community, or cultural setup. It states that societal gender roles depend on groups and individuals' diverse expectations based on their sex. It varies, relying on the values and beliefs of a society associated with gender. Therefore, gender roles dictate how individuals conduct themselves, groom, speak, dress, and act based on their sex. Throughout history, gender roles have been associated with tasks and identities related to food.
Several assumptions have been made in the process of food preparation and consumption. It includes: men have been assumed to be of no help in the kitchen; therefore, they must call a woman to their assistance. Additionally, cooking as house chores has been chiefly categorized as feminine except for grilling. The United States has thus created a line between feminine and masculine roles. However, the state trend regarding total gender integration is based on women's education, professionalism, and even the family's overall income contribution (Milkman et al. 2020).

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