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Settler Colonialism and Transatlantic Slavery (Coursework Sample)


1- Utilizing readings and lectures from 3 different weeks; articulate how our understandings and definitions of violence and (in)security have historically been shaped by Colonialism, Settler-colonialism and Transatlantic Slavery?

3- How do Tarak Barakawi and Mark Laffey define ‘the post-colonial moment’ in security studies? Drawing on the readings and lectures of 3 different weeks, explain the significance of ‘the post-colonial moment’ and elaborate on how does it deal with the absences of marginalized voices in this field.

5- Benedict Anderson defines nation as; ‘an imagined political community, and imagined as both inherently sovereign and limited’. Engaging with the concepts of citizenship, belonging, nation-building and borders explain; what does Anderson mean by ‘limited’, ‘imagined’ and ‘sovereign’. In your answer draw upon Gloria Anzaldua, Audra Simpson, and Harsha Walia’s work.


Post-Colonial Studies

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How Colonialism, Settler Colonialism and Transatlantic Slavery Shaped the Human Understanding of Violence and Insecurity.

During the colonial period, people struggled to decolonize their nations which were occupied by the colonialists using different methods. The methods were not as peaceful as the process of decolonization involved two opposing forces. During this time, people always talked of national renaissance, national liberation, the Commonwealth and even the restoration of the sense of the nationhood to people. But whatever they might have called it, all this was violence and insecurity of one man against the other.

Decolonization was not an easy task as it involved replacing a particular group of men with another group of men. The settler colonization oppressed the natives, and this caused insecurity in the colonies (Estes, 2016). The insecurity heightened as the settlers continued demanding and exploiting more resources from the natives. That means that the exploitation of the natives was carried on by the settlers. The process of decolonization never took place in silence (Fanon, 1963). The truth is that when people recall of decolonization, they remember the bloodstained knives and the searing bullets which evoked violence between the settlers and the natives. That is why by its very nature, colonization shaped the human definition and understanding of violence.

In the year 1962, the French were evicted by the Algerian nationals, but the process never went unnoticed as it led to the death of millions of people during the armed struggle for independence. The FLN ascended to power led by its founder who was Ben Bella. Ben had experienced the war since he was young because he had joined the French army in the world war two. The Algerians succeeded politically by evicting the French but the damage caused was too significant (Prashad, 2007). The violence between the natives and the colonial power led the killing of between hundreds of thousands and one million people. The Algerians wanted freedom, and therefore they were willing to pay any price to evict the French autocracy from their land. There is no doubt that the experience with the colonial masters was awful, and it has for several decades lingered in the minds of the people. The colonialism is the worst thing that has ever happened in the history of humanity since it brought widespread suffering and committed atrocities towards humanity. The idea again helped to shape the meaning of insecurity and violence towards people.

Human understanding of the violence, conflict and the insecurity continued to be defined by the political instability and torture that was inflicted towards people. For example, the illegitimate Cuban dictator known as Batista mistreated people and tortured them during his reign. The guerrilla forces led by Fidel Castrol organized a terror group that was fighting the government of the day. People continued experiencing all sorts of torture and violence each day. The guerrilla tactics were employed to oust the dictatorial government (Debray, 1967). For Cuba, the revolutionary movement that was determined to liberate the people from the tyrannical oppression used the guerrilla tactics which also led to the mass killing of people who opposed the movement. The protracted struggle between the two forces brought a new meaning of insecurity as people killed and murdered each other without any sense of sympathy.

The guerrilla war is also another form of struggle that has been used by Africans and the Asians to fight the colonial power. The guerrilla war was also used to fight neo-colonialism in Cuba by Fidel Castrol army. This form of war has also shown the humanity what violence between two opposing forces means. For ex...

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