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Philosophy Questions. Social Sciences. Coursework. (Coursework Sample)


1. What is the identity theory? What problem is it called on to answer? In what ways is the dual aspect theory a version of the identity theory? In what ways is it similar to Merleau-Ponty’s notion of a unified body? What are the differences and similarities in these views?
3. Recall that Ryle rejects dualism because, according to him, Descartes committed a category mistake. In what sense do phenomenologists, like Husserl and MerleauPonty, agree with Ryle? How do their accounts differ from his?
1. In Kant’s view of the self, what is the difference between the transcendental ego and the empirical ego? Why does Kant need both notions?
3. nietzsche and Kierkegaard both believe that the “enemy” is social identity and conformity to “the herd.” Explain why. Are there ways in which you find yourself identifying socially and “going along” in ways that seem untrue to yourself? What does this feel like? What are the negative consequences that can arise from too much conformity? from too much individuality?、
1. Compare and contrast hard determinism, soft determinism, and indeterminism. Explain why indeterminism is just as problematic as hard determinism.
3. What is the Islamic conception of predestination? How does it compare with other religious views you have studied?
5. discuss the relationship between moral responsibility and freedom. What similarities and differences can you discern among Aristotle, Skinner, and Sartre? What would the others say to Sartre’s claim that in war there are no innocent victims?


Philosophy Questions
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Chapter 5: Question 2
Identity theory is an assertion that explains the distinct relationship between the mind and the body. Particularly, the theory states that some types of human mental states are literally similar with some types of human’s brain states. The expressions of matter and mind depicts a strong similarity despite both being logically distinguishable. In other words, mental states such as pain and thoughts are directly connected to certain physical state in the human body.
The dual aspect theory is similar to identify theory as both stresses that the mental states possess an ontology that is similar to the physical states. However, dual aspect theory holds that reality is in form of matter, but its existence in either neutral or mental states.

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