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Leadership Philosophy Social Sciences Coursework Paper (Coursework Sample)


See the attached Microsoft Documents
1.Read Introduction to Leadership First
2. Answer the lesson 4 assignment


  1. Identify your leadership philosophy. 
  • Reflect on your philosophy of leadership. Are you a Theory X or Theory Y leader?
  • Provide a brief example to support your view.
  1. Analyze your leadership style.
  • Of the three styles of leadership (authoritarian, democratic, and laissez-faire), what style comes easiest for you?
  • How effective is this style for you?
  • From what you have learned in this lesson, does your leadership style meet the needs of your followers? Why or why not?
  • Provide examples to support your responses.
  1. Apply task and relationship behaviors to the case study "From Two to One" from the lesson readings (Northouse, 2018, p. 110).
  • Read the case study.
  • Apply what you have learned about task and relationship behaviors in this lesson to respond to Questions 1 to 3 from the case study.
  1. Use APA format to provide citations and references for all of the sources that you cited in this assignment.



Leadership Philosophy
Student’s Name
Leadership Philosophy
1 I am a Theory Y leader. I tend to believe people have the capability and willingness to work. When I happened to be a group leader for a group assignment, I demonstrated the qualities of a Theory Y leader. I subdivided the group assignment into smaller tasks and each member had to do their parts before our next meeting. In this case, I assumed that members would be interested in their tasks and would complete them as required.
2 Of the three leadership styles, democratic leadership comes easiest for me. I like having a moderate level of control which cannot be possible with authoritarian and laissez-faire styles. Democratic leadership style is effective for me because I like working with other people and taking their inputs into cons

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