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Introduction to Social Networks Coursework Writing Assignment (Coursework Sample)


Please read all the materials provided before you approach the questions.
Then finish the questions from 7-11.
Question7: list the two properties and use one or two sentences to explain each of them briefly.
Question8: Keep the answer clear and in a short paragraph
All the answers should follow the instructions on the question. Make sure every word count.
Thank you!


Introduction to Social Networks
Introduction to Social Networks
Question 7
Based on the readings and lectures from the preceding weeks, what two seemingly paradoxical properties characterize a small world network?
Cliques and near-cliques characterize the Small-World Network. There are sub-networks with connections between almost any two nodes within them. The second paradoxical property of a Small-World Network is high clustering coefficient. In other words, most pairs of the nodes are often connected with at least one short path (Travers, & Milgram, 1977).
Question 8
Do you think the network of Wikipedia pages connected by hyperlinks possesses these two properties of small world networks? Explain your answer in a few sentences.
Yes. The Network of Wikipedia pages connected by hyperlinks possesses similar properties of small world networks. There is always connection and similarity between different Wikipedia Pages. Regardless the content of the Wikipedia page, there is some connection with at least one hyperlink.
Question 9
Based on Granovetter's ideas about social structure and strength of ties, which of the alters is most likely to be connected to ego by a week tie? Explain your rationale in a short paragraph.
Based on Granovetter's ideas, F is most likely to be connected to ego by

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