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Group Research And Analysis Of Dicussion: Increasing Marriage Gap (Coursework Sample)


Read: Seminar: class policy conclusions about the work by Cherlinand Vance in particular, in addition to examining skill sets learnedin the course. Discussions about the policy as a way to resolvechallenges that the working class experience. and preparations forfinal written assignment.Make up posts for weeks 11, 12 and 13. Go back to those weeks to makeposts, if necessary.Respond: -- Reflect on your policy recommendations for social change,in resolving a particular social problem that you noted in your essayexam. Upon reflection, think about the policy implications of both theCherlin and Vance works. How would you improve your policyrecommendation for social change, especially when consideringchallenges that the working class experience: Review the following linkfor the article by Belinda Luscome, published 14 July 2016: (http://time(dot)com/4405169/millennials-marriage-kids-jobs-income-inequality/).In the case of the Vance's work, review the following link regarding the22 March 2017 article by Aaron Gregg: (‘Hillbilly Elegy’ author andSteve Case join forces to bring tech jobs to the heartland). Discusswhether scholarship becomes an important factor in policy changes forcompanies in the US, in particular towards helping the poor and/orworking class.


Policy Changes – Group Discussion
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December 8, 2017
Part I.
In light of Cherlin's (2016) findings about the increasing marriage gap in United States, I recommended that there should be more effort toward improving the educational system. However, in light of the ever continuing plight of the working-class, the main problem lies in the fact that despite having opportunities for free education, a significant number of the youth today would still choose to work. Particularly, this is because they recognize that good education does not always translate to better career opportunities and and job security in the future. This was even exmplified in the work of Wilson (2011), where he argues that the main reason for the delinquency and criminal behaviors (as well as the persisting reacism amongs the Whites) of many young Afro-americans is the structure (economy and culture) itself. Another example would be Vance's history where cultural notions of education has almost made him drop highschool CITATION Van161 \l 1033 (Vance & Vance, 2016). Following from this, I now realize that providing a good educational system would nto be enough to solve the problem of marriage gaps. Rather, I believe that the youth should be able to see early on that there is a good chance that they woul

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