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Political Science Coursework, Federalist Number 10 (Coursework Sample)


When you were young, many of you may have had state puzzle maps like the one above, often showing pictures of major products on each state. Madison realized that in any given state some narrow interest might be able to dominate the state, but that would be harder for the nation as a whole—this is why having a larger nation would help prevent some single faction from taking over, a central idea in “Federalist Number 10” (no copyright claim, public domain).
What do the Federalist Papers #10 and #51 say about factions? How ,when, and why were political parties first formed in the United States? Has the system changed since the founding of the nation? What has remained the same?


James Madison advocated for adopting federalism paper 10 in 1787 where the central government would safeguard against the factionalism of smaller republics. This would require creation of a non-partisan national government, which is a democracy and republic (Schmidt, Shelley & Bardes, 2014).  Madison argued that the “factions are the ‘small parties or groups united by a common interest- that will control the government.”  The danger with factions is that they would implement policies that served their interests only and be harmful to others, but when different factions are held together by the local or regional interests no faction would dominate national politics. Federalist paper 51 also written by Madison focusing on checks and balances where there were three independent branches with power, but the government would protect individual rights (Schmidt, Shelley & Bardes, 2014). In his essays, Madison supported the idea of an independent branches of the government where none held too much power or overly dependent on the other.

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