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Sociology 111: Ethical Reflections on Milgram Experiment (Coursework Sample)


Discussion Question: 
1. What did Stanley Milgram seek to test in his experiments at Yale University? What were the results? Do you think that the findings would be similar today? Why or why not? Thinking about the information shared in Chapter 2 regarding ethics in research, what are the ethical concerns of the study? 
If possible please use the following reference: 
Chambliss, W. J., Eglitis, D. S. (03/2015). CUSTOM: APUS: Discover Sociology 2E Custom Interactive E-book Edition, 2nd Edition [VitalSource Bookshelf version].


Ethical Reflections on Milgram Experiment
Stanley Milgram, a social psychologist at Yale University, conducted an experiment to test the willingness of people to obey orders and submit themselves to authority. He was trying to understand why a lot of German citizens in Nazi times tacitly consented to the persecution of Jews and other minorities. The test required the participants to give electric shocks to learners if they commit a mistake under the instruction of a ‘scientist’. 

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