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Defining Family Social Sciences Coursework Research (Coursework Sample)


Please see the attached Microsoft document for instructions.


Week 1 Discussion: Defining Family

First, explain how you would define "family" based on this week's assigned Learning Resources. Second, address why definitions of family can be controversial and give an example of how defining family in a particular way can have practical consequences (positive and/or negative) on people's lives.

In your response, please refer specifically to at least three of this week's course Learning Resources, citing them in the text and also listing the Learning Resources you have used as references at the end of your post, using APA citation style.

Your initial post should be at least 200 words in length, excluding the discussion prompt and the references. Please use in-text APA citations within your post as well as full APA references at the end of your post.


Learning resources are listed below:



Defining Family
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Defining Family
A family is a group or association of people who share varied features such as mutual links, emotional connections, blood ties, marriage, living or residing together, birth and adoption, among other family-defining traits. The definition of a family is somewhat controversial due to its subjectivity regarding the features that define a family. Any definition based on a given family feature or characteristics leads to positive and negative outcomes that may affect people.
A family is one of the social constructs, and despite being a standard feature around many communities globally, the understanding of what the term ‘family’ means remains inconclusive. The concept of what constitutes a family has been a subject of contestation and never-ending debates. The idea of the family theme and its understanding is intricately linked to social culture. The dynamic and diverse feature of cultures makes it challenging to gain consensus on a family definition.

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