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Chapter 1 How To Think About International Relations (Coursework Sample)


Reviewing criticism of the Obama administration’s foreign policy, Daniel Drezner asks, “is it true that President Obama has no grand strategy? And even if it were, would that be such a disaster?” He continues:
“Grand strategies are not nearly as important as grand strategists like to think, because countries tend to be judged by their actions, not their words. What really matters for great powers is power - national economic and military strength - and that speaks loudly and clearly by itself.”


International Relations
International Relations
1 The perspective that Drezner takes in this case is analytical. He looks at these concepts from a perspective that is different from the rest of the audience. His approach is devoid of personal interest and he is being neutral.
2 According to Drezner, power is the meat that comes from the national economy and the military force. This is the kind that speaks for itself. It is associated with action, rather than mere words in showing which country is really powerful and that which is simply showing the rest of the world through side shows. True power can be seen through actions, it does not need to be accompanied by too many words (which is the case by showing off might using the parades). For most of the analysts, it is the parades that count, where countries set up shows to threaten other nations about their might.
3 By giving the intentions away about what the country is looking to achieve in the domestic and international markets using elaborated strategies, it then becomes very easy to shine on the other countries. It is much easier for the other countries to perceive the power of any given country where there are elaborate plans to achieve certain goals and they are backed by consistent actions. T

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