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Role of Diversity in Critical Thinking: Black Lives Matter (Coursework Sample)


Write a 1,100- to 1,300-word paper on Black Lives Matter be sure to include an introduction and conclusion paragraph in your paper.
Include the following in paper:
Role of Diversity in Critical Thinking
Explain the role of diversity in critical thinking.
Provide examples of diversity as it relates to your topic.
Ethics in the Reasoning Process
Explain the ethics in the reasoning process.
Provide examples of ethics as it relates to your topic.
Role of Critical Thinking in Solving a Problem
Explain the role of critical thinking as a means to problem-solving.
Provide examples of how critical thinking in problem-solving relates to your topic.
Making Sense of the Three Focal Areas ( the role of diversity in critical thinking, ethics in the reasoning process, and the role of critical thinking in solving a problem)
what solution would you propose for your topic, and why
Personal Application: (175 to 225 words)
Reflect upon how the role of diversity in critical thinking works in the lives of young black males
how the role of ethics in the reasoning process works when dealing with the judicial system for minorities.
how the role of critical thinking in solving a problem works when dealing with law enforcement


Black Lives Matter
Student's Name
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Black Lives Matter
Black lives matter (BLM) is a crucial and a very unique form of contribution, which has gone beyond the every day's extrajudicial killings and in particular the black people by both the vigilantes and the police. In addition the movement goes beyond the narrow scope of nationalism that exists within many black communities. These communities merely call and persuade the black people to show love back to the blacks, buy black and live black. Through all these efforts, they will be keeping safe the black people in front of the entire movement. The Black Lives Matter is an affirmation of the lives of black people, queer and the Trans folks, the Black-undocumented folks, the disabled folks, the women and all the Black Lives. It pays close attention to those who have gone through marginalization all through the Black Liberation Movements. It is therefore a technique embraced to re-build the movement of the black Liberation. Besides, the efforts and tactic employed to bring on board this movement, the idea of diversity and its role in critical thinking is a primary contributor to the BLM. The general role of critical thinking in problem-solving approaches is vital for the realization of the Black Lives Matter. Ethics and its application in the reasoning process is also a key factor in the liberation of the BLM.
In any group of people, whether high school students, college students or even people on various workplaces, one can expect to come across differences all along. These differences are all aligned to the parameters of race, gender, cultures, ethnicity, and family history and other diversities. At this age, we are all living in an era where calls for particular attention and emphasis on diversity have become the trend. Numerous interests have sprung demanding unique and special considerations in many places of their daily activities. The diversity issue has never been greater unless critical thinking is integrated (McIvor, 2017). The solution to the problems of diversity is solved by the use of critical thinking. At this point everyone is made to critically think and reflect upon the matters of the blacks, and the entire diversity that comes with it. Through the initiatives of critical thinking, everyone either black or white will learn how to reason well through different issues and as a result, they will end up becoming life-long learners. In addition, as a result of their skills in critical thinking, of necessity, they will acquire the various tools of mind that will go a long way dealing with the diversity issues.
Schools and colleges should instill ethical reasoning into their systems rather than just inculcating issues of ethical principles. Ethics is a particular set of principles that entails right and wrong behavior. These principles are mainly taught through the religious training administered in a special school, or at home by the senior parents or the learning process through the entire life of an individual (Clare, 2016). Processes of reasoning are well taught at the levels of colleges or universities because there is no any other place being included in the learning processes. Another reason is that the understanding of the processes of reasoning is critical for the successful adulthood in terms of

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