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Vygotsky's theory Psychology Coursework Essay Paper (Coursework Sample)


Critique Vygotsky's theory on development. Point out strengths and weaknesses in Vygotsky's theory, with zone of proximal development and scaffolding.


Vygotsky’s Theory Critique
Vygotsky’s Theory Critique
In his theory, Vygotsky stressed on the fundamental role that social interaction plays in the development of cognition in a child. The process in development and learning that Vygotsky’s theory identified are Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) and Scaffolding. According to Vygotsky, ZPD refers to a level of development that a child attains by engaging in social behavior with a partner that guides their actions to co-construct knowledge. Similarly, the idea of scaffolding relies on social interaction. Vygotsky explained scaffolding instruction as the role of teachers and other in supporting the learner’s development and providing structures to get to that next stage of development (Bekiryazıcı, 2015).
The most notable strength of ZPD and Scaffolding ideas in Vygotsky’s theory is that they focus on engaging the learner. In both cases, the teachers and society pr

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