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Discussion Post Writing Assignment: Training Leaders (Coursework Sample)


Last week you examined some challenges that might jeopardize the progress of coaching individual leaders. Now you will examine some challenges that might jeopardize the progress of coaching leadership teams. In some respects, coaching leadership teams may be more challenging than coaching individual leaders simply because there are more leaders involved in the process. As you know, each leader has a unique set of personal characteristics that might influence the effectiveness of coaching for leadership development. Therefore, you probably can imagine how such characteristics might play out in a group setting and create specific challenges. In this week's Discussion, you will explore some potential challenges of coaching leadership teams and consider how each might be addressed.
To prepare for this Discussion:
• Review the article, "A Theory of Team Coaching." Consider the team coaching model proposed by the authors, paying particular attention to the functions, times, and conditions features of this model. With these concepts in mind, reflect on the challenges that may arise when coaching teams.
• Review the article, "The Top Management Team: Key to Strategic Success." Consider the challenges, pitfalls, and setbacks that might arise in the implementation of the author's analytic framework for leadership teams.
• Review the article, "Leadership Group Coaching in Action: The Zen of Creating High Performance Teams." Think about the challenges encountered by the coach in the article's case study. Consider how the coach addressed these challenges.
• Identify two challenges related to coaching teams for leadership development. Think about how you might address these challenges.
With these thoughts in mind:
Post by Day 5 a brief description of at least two challenges related to coaching teams for leadership development. Then explain how you would address each of these challenges. Be specific.


Training Leaders
Training Leaders
When training a group of leaders, it is very easy relative to the fact that the different leaders have different styles of leadership (Manfred & Kets de Vries, 2005). To narrow down on the leadership styles, there are those that lean towards transformational leadership and there are those that are more of transactional leaders. As such, their approaches are quite different and this tends to affect how they interact with the training and the training material. However this can be addressed by enhancing the training with introduction of shared goals (Hackman & Wageman, 2005). This is an approach that can include the elements such as incorporating technology for productivity. Ideally, ever other leader is going to have some element of improved productivity as they include technology in their processes.
The other aspect that tends to have some very significant challenge when it comes to training a group of leaders is the personality differences. This is a crucial element that determines how the leaders interact with one another and the material dur

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