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Effects of Technology on Humanity. Psychology Coursework (Coursework Sample)


write about how technology affects people's work habits

EXERCISE: For the week, choose one of the following 3 options (you may do more than 1, but you must do at least 1):
1. For one day turn off your smart phone for 12 hours. For some of you this may not be possible. You may put on an auto-reply so people know that you are alive.
2. The day after your recitation, when you sit down to do work turn off your phone and put it out of sight for 15 minutes. The next day, do the same for 30 minutes. The following day, once more for 45 minutes, and the day after that, do so for 1 hour. Continue turning off your phone for 1 hour a day while you accomplish your work.
3. If limiting your phone use at night is difficult, for three nights try turning off your phone at night 1 hour before you normally go to bed.
WRITING: Write about some things you have observed about your electronic habits as a result of the exercise. How did it affect your ability to accomplish work, be with others, or get to sleep? How did it affect your mindfulness/mindlessness? What will you change as a result, what are some barriers to creating change, and how will you overcome those obstacles?


Effects of Technology on Humanity
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Effects of Technology on Humanity
Technology has adversely affected humanity, made lives more convenient, but also had several adverse effects. Humanity has become overly reliant on it, especially electronic devices like smartphones. An average American spends more than eleven hours on technology watching, reading, and listening to music or on social media (Fottrell, 2018). Out of that time, at least four hours are spent on smartphones. This over-reliance on technology creates addiction coupled with anxiety when an individual is forced to stay without a phone for a while. 

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