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Module 9 Psychology Coursework Research Paper Essay (Coursework Sample)


There are two questions in it, total of 400 words are fine for this assignment.


Coursework – Module 9
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1 If you were an integrative psychotherapist, which of the four models of psychotherapy integration (i.e.,, technical eclecticism, theoretical integration, common factors, assimilative integration) would you use? Why? (200 words)
If I become an integrative psychotherapist, I would most likely be using assimilative integration as my primary approach. In its very definition, assimilative integration utilizes different methods but starts with an inclination towards one theoretical approach in serving as the basis for the whole treatment process. The reason why I believe that this would be the best way to approach any case and proceed with the treatment is that having a single theory or method (i.e., systematic desensitization) to analyze the patient could help narrow down both the diagnosis and treatment. Nonetheless, since psychotherapists also learn through their experiences, integration of other approaches that could work depending on the case could present a much better solution as compared to one that is limited to the initial method. For example, in treating depression Cognitive-Behavioral therapy (or CBT) could be used as it is proved to be effective in dealing with these negative emotions by targeting negative thought patterns. However, not all cases of depression could be treated solely by this method. At times, the cause of all the negative emotions could be deeply rooted that a simple elimination of persistent thought patterns could prove to be inefficient. In this non-CBT approach such as Gestalt Therapy or systemic therapy to deal with different issues that could arise through the cou

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