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Discuss Your Thoughts: Concepts Make The Most Sense To You (Coursework Sample)


View video attached and discuss your thoughts. Clearly, cells are a complete world of their own. What are the concepts that make the most sense to you? What are the concepts you find more difficult to understand?


Cells of the CNS
The concept that makes sense the most is the basic cells of the nervous system. The concept of the neuron forms the basis of understanding cells and the nervous system. I recognize the importance of neurons (nerve cells), where the chemical excitation process created by the dendrites. Neuron communication also depends on resting potentials, where it is necessary that there are chemical contrasts that are necessary to create equilibrium. Additionally, in communication the neurons require energy redistribution, and the neurons are useful when connections are made. The structure of neuron explains how the communication process takes place where the neurons grow appendage is the form of dendrites. Information is sent to a neuron through the axon formation and even as neurons have various dendrites they have one axon. It is the axons that carry information to other neurons, and dendrites receive input from various neurons.
Other than the neuron the other type of brain cell is the glial cells, which tend to form myelin sheaths, and this forms an insulation that results in faster movement of the electrical waves. This was surprising as there are few mentions of these types of cells. The myelin sheaths develop over time and influence the acquisition of different skills, and they are as important as their destruction is often common in people with multiple sclerosis, learning is possible when two neurons communicate, where there is a connection, but many neur

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