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Application: Challenges In Coaching For Leadership Development (Coursework Sample)


Application: Challenges and Strategies
In any coaching engagement, coaches must anticipate potential challenges that could derail a client's progress. Being aware of potential coaching challenges and being prepared to address those challenges makes for a smooth coaching process with optimum outcomes. While you might think this is a daunting task at first, there are specific "signs" that often mean trouble, some of which you explored in Week 2, "The Leaders" and Week 3, "The Organizations." For instance, you may remember that specific leader characteristics and organizational factors and conditions can stand in the way of the effectiveness of coaching for leadership development. To prepare to address these challenges and others, you must be aware of coaching strategies that are proven effective. You also must determine which of these strategies work best with specific leaders and in specific organizations. Keep all of this in mind as you complete the following assignment in which you will identify and address possible challenges that might arise in a coaching engagement using specific coaching strategies.
To prepare for this assignment:
Review the book excerpt, "Coaching Executives: Individual Leader Development." Pay particular attention to the coaching functions in each stage of the "six-step executive coaching process." Consider the challenges that may arise in each stage and how you might address them.
Review the online chapter, "Coaching Executives." Think about the systemic causes of client problems and consider how these causes might be challenging for a coach to address. Consider the challenges related to coaching Henry in the chapter's case study and how the case study coach addressed these challenges.
Review the online chapter, "An Iterative Approach to Executive Coaching." Focus on the common problems exhibited in leaders. Think about the challenges that might occur when coaches address these problems and what strategies they might use.
Review the online chapter, "Behind the Mask: Coaching through Deep Interpersonal Communication." Consider challenges related to working with leaders as opposed to other employees in an organization. Think about how "deep interpersonal communication" might be used to address these challenges.
Review your Application Assignments from Week 2 and Week 3, focusing on leader characteristics and organizational factors and/or conditions that might detract from coaching for leadership development. Consider the challenges you might face because of these characteristics, factors, and conditions, and how you might address them.
Reflect on the approaches, models, and frameworks from Week 4 and the specific coaching strategies assumed in each.
Review your Application Assignment from Week 5, focusing on the client's assessment data and the leadership competencies requiring further development.
With the assessment data and case study in mind, identify at least three challenges you might encounter as a coach working with this client.
Select at least three specific coaching strategies that you would use to address the three challenges you identified. Note: At least one strategy must be from the approach, model, or framework you selected for the Week 4 Discussion thread.
The assignment: (1–2 pages)
Identify the client you selected for the Week 4 Discussion, the Week 5 Application, and this week's Application Assignment.
Briefly describe at least three challenges you might encounter when working with the client you selected.
Explain how you might address each challenge using specific coaching strategies. (Note: At least one strategy should be from the approach, model, or framework you selected for the Week 4 Discussion.)
Support your Application Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation. All resources must be cited in text, and included in an APA formatted reference section following APA style.


Application: Challenges and Strategies
Challenges in coaching for leadership development
While training is still preferred in leadership development, executive coaching is increasingly one of the leadership development methods seeking to improve executive performance. One of the challenges one is likely to encounter in executive coaching is a mismatch between the executive and the coach is a concern as this limits the effectiveness of executive coaching (Hollenbeck, 2002). Large organizations tend to focus on fitting the coach with the organization and competence, and this is further complicated in the executive team selection, when the desire for certain traits in homogeny and traits that are necessary in heterogeneous groups like extraversion.
According to (Diedrich, 1996), helping the executives to adapt to changes effectively and more rapidly is a challenge, and seeking solutions to the issue should be provided to improve outcomes. Assessing the factors associated with resistance to change and giving feedback to clients can provide insights on what needs to be changed to achieve the desired outcomes. Executives may adopt certain changes depending on whether they feel that they are positive and how they understand them. The lack of feedback when engaging executives makes it more difficult for clients to respond in positive ways when feedback does not address what is expected in behavioral changes.
Another challenge in coaching executives is working with leaders who understand, appreciate and accept the role of coaching in supporting growth and development. Successful leads tend be more involved in understanding the world around them, but there are those who are not keen on embracing changes if this does not support their world view. Coaching engagement should focus on improving results and the clients

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