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The Conflict Resolution on Syrian Civil War. Coursework (Coursework Sample)


Put yourself in the shoes of the Spanish emperor in the 18th century. Ruling from Madrid, you are growing increasingly concerned about the growing economic separation between your country’s interior economy and the coast. Your primary concern is the threat that coastal merchants and nobles may use their growing economic prowess to seize power from the crown. Having read Smith and (somehow) Jacobs, you recognize that the best buffer against this possibility is bolstering the economic growth of Madrid. At the moment, Madrid’s economy is composed primarily of subsistence agriculture and artisnally produced luxury goods. Much of this output is consumed by the royal court and political elite. In 300 words or less, describe how you might try to kick start Madrid’s economy.
Do not restate any of the sentences contained in this question. Use examples from the lecture and class discussion to support your answer. Outside information will be accepted, but we will fact check any and all claims we cannot immediately verify.


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The Conflict Resolution on Syrian Civil War
The US has worked harder to maintain its position as one of the dominating superpower countries across the globe. Notably, this has been enabled by its ability to control, helping, and supporting other countries in terms of economy, security, and financial aspects. Considering a country such as the US among the Superpowers depends on its ability to progress without the assistance of any other State fully, yet able to help other countries (Brooks and Wohlforth 15). Ideally, this gives super power States the authority to dictate on their desired governance in the dependent nations depending on their intended objectives. The study conducted by VukoviД‡ and Bernabei (420) indicate that no superpower country can support a nation without intentions. However, this becomes a bit tricky for a nation whose operations are induced and influenced by more than one superpower country with contradicting objectives. Admittedly, this sometimes results in conflicts that cannot be easily resolved, resulting from the contradicting governance from the superpower expectations. Considering the Syrian civil war case study, it is noted that the conflict that began as local become international matter with thousands losing their lives (VukoviД‡ and Bernabei 420). 

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