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Mean and Median Measures of Salaries for Employee (Coursework Sample)


In the business world, the mean salary is often used to describe the salaries of employees of a company. However, the median salary may be a better measure of the salaries than the mean. Which is the better measure of central tendency? and Why? 
The number of vacation days taken by employees of a company is normally distributed with a mean of 14 days and a standard deviation of 3 days. For the next employee, what is the probability that the number of days of vacation taken is less than 10 days? More than 21 days?


Normal distributions: Module 2 Discussions
Mean and median measures of salaries for employee
The best measure of central tendency depends on the data values and variable being measured (Weiers, Gray & Peters, 2008). The mean salary is the most common measure used, but it is affected by the small and large extreme data values (outliers). On the other hand, the outliers do not affect the median, and since the salary range of employees in a workplace varies widely the median is suitable. The outliers are mostly associated with the top management, and at times the low-level workers. Hence, using the mean would be inappropriate it cases where it is inflated by few values (Anderson et al., 2014). If only a few of the small and large data values change this does not affect the median, further highlighting that it is preferred to measure the salaries of employees in...
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