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Technologies and Methodologies Evaluation for Information Security Risk (Coursework Sample)


Consider information security risks, including:
Cybercrime and cyber-related crimes
Social engineering
Mobile computing
BYOD (Bring your own device).
Write a 2.5- to 3-page evaluation (not including the title and reference pages) of security technologies and methodologies that can be used to mitigate each of the above information security risks. Support your paper with appropriate references and follow APA format 6th edition
You may want to refer to the SANS CIS Critical Security Controls document you downloaded earlier this week.
Include the following for each type of risk:
Description of the risk
Security technologies and methodologies that can be used to mitigate them
Rationale describing how the risks are mitigated to an acceptable level


Technologies and Methodologies Evaluation for Information Security Risk
Author’s Name
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Technologies and Methodologies Evaluation for Information Security Risk
The advancement in technology has brought easiness into the lives of people. However, the easy accessibility to information and technology is threatening the security measures of the individuals as well. For instance, the inauguration of network and mobile devices have made it super-easy for illicit to extract important information of others and convict criminal activities. This study has been designed to outline some contemporary security threatening actions along with security measures and the rationale of inducing those security actions.
Any criminal activity that is practiced with computers and networks is termed as cybercrime. There are different types of cybercrime each backed up by different motives such as, generate revenue, induce financial destructions, damage software, leak information or access information for deceptions, etc (Soomro, Shah, & Ahmed, 2016). Some major types of cybercrimes include internet-borne attack, inherent systems, subvert the system, etc.
Security Measures
Some of the listed steps can be considered for maintaining a security measure and prevent the attacks from cybercriminals.
* Induce strong passwords
* Create a firewall
* Software for security
* Regular update
* Continuous monitoring for intrusion
* Spread awareness regarding threatening situations and signal
Induction of strong password can limit the access towards the information within the authorities. In the same manner, the firewall is an effective gatekeeper that prevents foreigners from entering into the information system (Soomro et al., 2016). Software for security such as anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spy, etc. prevents the induction of viruses in the computer system. Regular updates and monitoring enable the user informed about their security and prevent mishaps. Ultimately, the spreading of awareness will also assist to prevent the cybercrime as the people will be educated about small signals of danger.
Social Engineering
Social interaction is referred to as hateful activities through interactions. Many psychologically manipulating factors are used by illicit to trick security and obtain sensitive information (Mullen, 2017). There are different types of social engineering attacks like phishing, pretexting, baiting, Quid Pro Quo and Tailgating (Soomro et al., 2016). Among all the types, phishing is the most common form of social engineering in which the illicit send a customized e-mail to the victim to obtain sensitive information of the victim like log-in passwords, images, clips, etc. However, these hateful activities can be prevented with certain measures as explained below;
Security Methodologies
* Do not review emails that seem to be from an unknown or suspicious source
* Practice a multifactorial authentication style such as password, security questions, codes for log-in, etc.
* Be aware of tempting offerings
* Keep updated security software like anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spy, etc.
By preventing suspicious email individuals can stop the illicit at the first step. Therefore, before opening mail from unknow

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