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SWOT-Internal-VRIN/O Management Coursework Research (Coursework Sample)


You need to use VRIN/O tool to analyze internal environment for Canadian Tire Corporation. The detail of this tool can refer to Internal Analysis Tools and Internal Analysis Instruction.
The analysis can be CTC in general, but should more focus on the Problem: MAKING SPORT ACCESSORIES AND EQUIPMENT SUSTAINABLE. Find more detail in Problem Statement CTC3.
You can write several paragraphs, not require to use essay format but need a few references.


Conduct an analysis using ONE tool to assess the internal environment (organizational context, MVG & strategies, VRIN framework, Performance Analysis)

Your analysis should be on your assigned company in general, as well as findings specific to your problem statement

Refer to the Internal Analysis Document.


Some comments from professor:

2- VRIN/O.

More than half the questions were about VRIN/O framework. I anticipated this would be the case, which is why a good chunk of the lecture was dedicated to it. If you did not get the chance, complete the readings and watch the core competency video. You may feel a bit more comfortable about the tool after reading about it and reviewing the lecture deck.

The Internal analysis document invites you to start the VRIN analysis by identifying key resources and capabilities in your organization. I also suggest in the lecture slides starting with the annual reports, website, and databases. Explain your rationale, i.e., explain and justify how you came to the conclusion that the specific bundle(s) of resources and capabilities you identified represent the organization's core competencies. Your justification needs to show that the core competencies you picked are valuable, rare, hard to imitate and substitute and the organization is able to exploit them well.

Some questions were related to the link between core competencies and competitive advantage in very competitive industries: research on this topic suggests that organizations usually can't keep a sustainable competitive advantage in hyper turbulent environments and that the successful companies have developed dynamic capabilities - which essentially are all about updating/changing core competencies to stay on top of changes - that help them develop temporary competitive advantages over and over.



VRIN Analysis of Canadian Tire Corporation
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VRIN Analysis of Canadian Tire Corporation
Canadian Tire Corporation is a company based in Canada that operates through a range of various businesses. Some of the segments that the company operates include CT REIT, Retail, and Financial Services. The company’s retail segment operates through some of its retail banners like PartSource, Canadian Tire, Mark’s, Petroleum, and several FGL Sports banners. The VRIN framework presented below shows the company’s source of competitive advantage.
VRIN analysis
Global distribution network; the company operates beyond the Canadian market, and the network enables it to reach out to the global market and hence maintain its global presence.
Broad product range; the corporation has enabled it to serve the international and local markets with different tastes. It offers CT REIT, Retail, and Financial Services (Naraine, Dixon, & Horton, 2015).
Skilled human labor; Canada has readily available skilled labor, which has enabled the corporation to manage its system effectively due to high quality services and customer satisfaction.
Marketing expenses and skills; the available skills help the corporation to ensure its brand image remains differentiated and enhance its connection with its audience and target markets.
Secret formula; the corporation’s production formula is only accessible to authorized personnel within the system (Naraine, Dixon, & Horton, 2015).

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