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BMTI: Personality Test Carl Jung's Theory of Personality Type (Coursework Sample)


This module discusses the Myers-Briggs personality test, based on Carl Jung's theory of personality type, and its usefulness as a tool to help a work team understand how and why each team member performs his or her job in a particular way.
To prepare for this discussion, first read MBTI Basics, one of the required readings this week. Then, take an assessment based on Karl Jung's and Isabel Briggs Myers' theories of personality:
· Click here to access the assessment.
· Your test results indicate your four personality type letters.
Share your personality type letters with your classmates.
· Explain what these letters mean by summarizing what you read about each of the four categories.
· Discuss how the knowledge of personality types could be of assistance to you in your work or personal life.
· Does the understanding of your type help you with developing a career plan?
I have added my finding below from 5 years ago till today. I hope this will help in your write-up.
I took the test 5 years ago – I was INFP (Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Perceiving)
Jan 2018 – ISFJ (Introvert 20%, Sensing 16%, Feeling 56%, Judging 22%)
The two differences:
· Intuition now Sensing –
o Intuition
§ Imagine and create
§ Want to know what could be
§ Trust inspiration
§ Overview first
§ Relies on the sixth sense, following a hunch
o Sensing
§ Factual and concrete
§ Want to know what is
§ Trust experience
§ Details first
§ Relies on the five senses
· Perceiving now Judging
o Perceiving
§ Let life happen


Explain what these letters mean by summarizing what you read about each of the four categories.
My test results were ISFJ.
It is vital to note that when I took the test five years ago, the test results were different to what I got this time round. However, it is also essential that I add that the questions were also less than what I had five years ago.
From what I read, I or Introversion simply indicates that I am energized by internal thinking and reflection. This means that I am oriented to the inner world and I tend to focus on ideas, concepts, and inner impressions. I also engage myself deeply before I make any decision or before I act. When it comes to S or Sensing, this only shows that I value details more so when it is factual and reliable. I do not necessarily believe what I hear but I rely on my five senses. F or feelings represent my value system. This simply means I weigh human values and motives and appreciate or show appreciation wherever and whenever it is due. Finally, fo

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