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Module 7: Effective Communication in Leadership Training Proposal (Coursework Sample)


Take notice that there are two sections for this discussion. For this discussion, you will first take a tour of the Career Center. You will find the Career Center in the Student Portal. You will then take the Mind Tools leadership assessment to learn about the state of your leadership skills. In 2-4 paragraphs:• Identify the results of your assessment and share them with your classmates.• List your strengths, according to the assessment.• Discuss the areas you may need some work on, according to the assessment.If you are looking for a first or a new career, discuss how the Career Center could be helpful to you in planning a career in your chosen field. If you are looking for advancement in your current field, how can the career center help you?Second, share your topic for your Portfolio Project. Provide at least one sentence, and no more than one brief paragraph, to define the topic of your proposal next week.  Then, respond to the topics your classmates shared. Ask questions about the topic, provide a link to a helpful source, or offer constructive critique.Respond to a minimum of two classmates’ responses with a substantive post. A substantive post answers the questions presented completely, ask an interesting, thoughtful question pertaining to the topic, or answer a question (in detail) posted by another student or the instructor.Note: Should the link break to Mindtools, email your instructor for alternative links.  


Module 7 Discussion Post
Module 7 Discussion Post
As shown above, I got a score total of 70 and from the interpretation provided below, I am on the right path in my quest to becoming a good leader.
According to the assessment, the following are my strengths:
* I am self-confident.
* I have a positive attitude and outlook towards life.
* I am good at motivating people especially with regards to the attainment of the organization's vision.
* I am also a good role model. I lead by example.
* I am emotionally intelligent and this helps me whenever I am conversing with other people.
However, despite the above, I still have some areas I need to work on. Every leader has their downside and below are some of the areas which I may not failed per say but I need to work on.
One of the areas I need to work on is selling or providing a compelling vision of the future. As a leader, one ought to be able to inspire those he/she is leading. The message one communicates or the vision one communicates should be framed in a way that seeks to inspire people to believe in the organization's vision as well. While I know I can inspire those I lead, I believe

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