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Module 5 Management Coursework Dicscussion Forum (Coursework Sample)


Module 5: Discussion ForumDuring the past few weeks, you have been presented with information about what constitutes effective, professional writing.  For this assignment, reflect on the topics you have studied and share some thoughts on the writing process with your instructor and your fellow students.  Topics covered include:• The information cycle• Credibility of source material• The online library• Summary and paraphrase• Documentation of sources using APA guidelines• Steps in the writing processBased on the topics you have covered, describe what you find the most difficult for you.  What are some strategies you could use to overcome this (these) challenge(s)?


Module 5: Discussion Forum
Module 5: Discussion Forum
One of the most important lessons in school and which I have come to comprehend fully is the value of having a goal (s) in life. Goals, whether short-term or long-term, help to fuel a person and I believe my having clearly outlined goals helped me to cajole my inner strength whenever things got difficult. Initially, and I believe I share this sentiment with a lot of students, one leads themselves to think that writing is a simple process. While it occurred to me that the level of writing would need to grow, I thought that I was well equipped to handle anything. However, as I was learning more about the information cycle, credibility of sources, summarizing and paraphrasing,

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