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Leadership & Management Model: Servant Leadership (Coursework Sample)


Assignment Leadership and Management Models Max Points: 80
Review the variety of graphic representations of servant leadership models and other leadership/management models listed below. You may search online for others as well. As you review the models, consider what you think are the most significant differences between servant leadership models and other models. Then either create your own graphic to visually represent your understanding of servant leadership or revise one of the existing graphics so that it better represents your understanding. If you revise an existing model, be sure to credit your original source.
Once you have created your model, compose a brief analysis (250 words) that addresses the following:
What are the most significant differences between servant leadership models and other models?
Define the paradox of servant leadership and explain where you see this paradox present in your own representation.
Based on your understanding of effective leadership, how do you think your representation captures those qualities or characteristics?
APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.
You are not required to submit this assignment to Turnitin.


Leadership & Management Model: Servant leadership




Proposed model adopted from Greenleaf Servant-leadership model

Servant leaders choose willingly
They show love
The Service and sacrifices
Empowers followers and helps them to grow and succeed
Creates value
Builds authority and influence

Earns leadership based on values
What are the most significant differences between servant leadership models and other models?

The main difference between servant leadership and other models is that the primary focus is the people and the mission, and not the million alone like other models, while servant leaders are guided by values, caring behavior and personal humility. There is an emphasis on leader/ servant engagement in servant leadership and this helps to empower the followers since the aim is to serve them even while promoting moral values. Servant leadership is a bottom-up approach; the model emphasizes leading through service and promoting interaction

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